Monday, October 11, 2010

Clash of the Legends: TheLittleOne, BoxeR and Nada

A match between two among the most famous StarCraft players. They are Team Liquid's TheLittleOne (LiquidTLO) and BoxeR, one of the best Brood War players (as described in a previous post).

Here's a video with TLO versus NaDa; he's one of the guys in my previous blog post about APM. His real name is Lee Yun-Yeol (born in 1984) and is also known as "Genius Terran". He has some major achievements throughout his pro-gaming career; statistically, he's the best player in history. In 2007, NaDa signed a new 3 year contract with WeMade FOX for approximately $690,000; this company is featured in Razer's documentary, of which the links you can find in my previous post about APM. In Korea, pro-gamers can earn lots of money; that's why Team Liquid is there as well.

Don't forget that these two Korean players haven't actually been playing StarCraft II since launch and have yet to adapt to all units and in-game mechanics. They will surely become better and better in the future. Though only time will tell.

Thanks once again to HuskyStarcraft for superb commentaries. Be sure to subscribe to his videos for the latest and greatest commentaries.

TheLittleOne is one of the best foreign StarCraft players. I find it interesting that foreign here means non-Korean. So, last but certainly not least, here's a good compilation with him utilizing different strategies. Now, that's pwnage!

Team Liquid is a professional StarCraft team. Their website is a great source of information for StarCraft. It's great for starters, so be sure to check that out!